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Fairfax VOTER (2016-17)

  • Our March Fairfax VOTER Newsletter focuses on the OPIOID EPIDEMIC: The United States, Virginia and Fairfax County

  • Our February Fairfax VOTER Newsletter contains Part II of the Fracking in Virginia Study.

  • Our January 2017 Fairfax VOTER Newsletter features the League study of Fracking in Virginia.


    What do you know about hydraulic fracturing ("fracking" for short) and where it is taking place in Virginia? A small but mighty LWV of Virginia (LWV-VA) Fracking Study Committee has thoroughly researched this much debated, political and environmental issue and has produced a voluminous report called "Fracking in Virginia," the first part of which is presented in the January 2017 Fairfax VOTER. Part II follows in the February Fairfax VOTER Newsletter and contains the Consensus Questions for the LWV-VA "Fracking in Virginia" Study.


    • What Is League Consensus? Click here to read a description of why and how League uses the consensus process.
    • LWV-VA Hydraulic Fracturing Consensus Questions-formatted for LWVFA Unit meetings feedback. Click here. The Form is a Word document and can be downloaded.
    • Part II of Fracking Study in color (taken from the February 2017 Fairfax VOTER). Click here to download the file.

    Additional materials for the discussion (both for January and February) are posted here: January 2017 Fairfax VOTER-in color; Discussion Questions printed in January VOTER); Appendices (from the Study Report); References for the entire report (from the Study Report); Fracking Study Glossary used in the Report.

    Direct Link to the 11MB PDF file of the entire 20-plus page "Fracking In Virginia Study" Report is available HERE. To view background papers and other resources, including the latest updates on legislation in the General Assembly and DMME regulations that were adopted December 28, go to the LWV-VA Natural Resources website,

    December Program Planning Article

    • LWVNCA Program Planning for 2017-19: It's time to think about what you would like the Leagues of Women Voters of Virginia (LWV-VA) and the National Capital Area (LWVNCA) to pursue in their 2017-19 biennium. This year we are returning to the tradition of having this discussion at our December unit meetings, rather than at a General Meeting. We ask the units to combine this discussion with any special meeting plans they may have for December, and
    • LWV-VA Program Planning for 2017-19

  • Our November Fairfax VOTER Newsletter features our General Meeting on November 20th and articles about voting, the environment, and our "Under the Gun" and Meals Tax forums.

  • October Fairfax VOTER Newsletter (Program Topic: Electing a President)

  • September Fairfax VOTER Newsletter (Program Topic: The League is Changing: Where We've Been, Where We Are Going & LWVFA's Role.)
  • Fairfax VOTER (prior years)

    2015 - 2016 Fairfax VOTERS: (September 2015 - June 2016)

  • June Fairfax VOTER Newsletter (Program Topic: How Can State Laws Differ From Federal Laws?)

  • May Fairfax VOTER (Program Topic: Mental Health + Overview of the Community Services Board and Diversion First Program)

  • April 2016 Fairfax VOTER.(Program Topic: Annual Meeting Kit.")

  • March 2016 Fairfax VOTER. (Program Topic: Encouraging voting and civic engagement; a look at NonProfit Vote).

  • February 2016 Fairfax VOTER. (Each unit chooses its own program during February).

  • January 2016 Fairfax VOTER. (Program Topic: Program Planning for LWVUS & LWVFA 2016-2018: Your Chance to Choose a League Program)

  • December 2015 Fairfax VOTER.(Program Topic: Money in Politics)

  • November 2015 Fairfax VOTER. (Program Topic: Amending the U.S. Constitution)

  • October 2015 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Reapportionment / Redistricting: The Current Status)

  • September 2015 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Who Votes? Voter Turnout for Elections Is Declining)

    2014 - 2015 Fairfax VOTERS: (September 2014 - June 2015)

  • June 2015 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Affordable Housing: It's about People!)

  • May 2015 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Where Is the Growth Going to Go in Fairfax County?)

  • April 2015 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Annual Meeting 2015)

  • 2015 Annual Meeting Kit (included in April 2015 Fairfax Voter)

  • March 2015 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Human Trafficking Part II: What Is Happening in Our Area?)

  • February 2015 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Improving Firearm Safety in Virginia)

  • January 2015 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Your Chance to Choose League Program at the LWVFA General Meeting on Saturday, January 24, 2015)

  • December 2014 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Fairfax Schools Are Changing Schedules)

  • November 2014 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Human Trafficking Part I: Slavery Still Exists Today)

  • October 2014 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Fracking Pros and Cons: Is There a Way to Satisfy Both Sides?)

  • September 2014 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Firearms: The Method Most Often Selected for Suicides and Homicides in Fairfax County - Part II: Progress in Fairfax County)

    2013 - 2014 Fairfax VOTERS: (September 2013 - June 2014)

  • June 2014 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Firearms: The Method Most Often Selected for Homicides and Suicides in Fairfax County)

  • May 2014 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: How Menus Are Changing in Fairfax School Cafeterias)

  • April 2014 Fairfax Voter (Annual Meeting and LWV-VA Council Meeting)

  • 2014 Annual Meeting Kit (included in March 2014 Fairfax Voter)

  • March 2014 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Agriculture Study: Part II)

  • February 2014 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Agriculture Study: Overview and Part I)

  • January 2014 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: General Meeting and National Program Planning)

  • December 2013 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Fairfax County Public Schools-- Efficiency Report and Budget Issues)

  • November 2013 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Is a Meal Tax the Best Way to Raise Additional Revenue for Fairfax County?)

  • October 2013 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: What is the Future of Fairfax County Public Libraries?)

  • September 2013 Fairfax Voter (Program Topic: Voting Rights in the US and Virginia: Past and Present)

    2012 - 2013 Fairfax VOTERS: (September 2012 - June 2013)

  • LWVFA Program Materials: Studies & Informational Articles

    For more about the League and LWVFA, read our September 2016 study, The League of Women Voters is Changing: Where We've Been, Where We are Going, and LWVFA's Role.

    2008 - 2009 Program Materials: (September 2008 through June 2009)

    2008 Program Materials: (January - June)

    2007 Program Materials: January - October 2007

    2006 Program Materials:

    2005 Program Materials: 2004 Program Materials:

    LWVFA Publications - POSITIONS

    LWVFA (local League) Positions - Complete Wording - LWVFA Here We Stand. For latest edition of HWS Only, Click here

    For LWVFA Positions-Brief version , click LWVFA Positions in Brief

    LWVFA Other Publications

    Tracing Our Roots: From Seneca Falls, New York to Fairfax, Virginia
    In 1998 we celebrated our 50th anniversary year with the publication of "Tracing Our Roots: From Seneca Falls, New York to Fairfax, Virginia." Our indebtedness to women of resourcefulness and courage, past and present, is noted and many of those individuals are profiled. The intent of this record is to celebrate the strength and diversity of women and encourage others to accept the challenge for the future. This anniversary special is available in the Fairfax County Public Library and the Fairfax Museum.
    Select this link to visit The American Memory Series Votes for Women Suffrage Pictures, 1848-1920 at the Library of Congress.

    Remember the Ladies.

    2008 edition! In commemoration of the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution in a tribute to the women of our nation whose extraordinary efforts achieved passage of the Noneteenth Amendment in 1920 and in particular the suffragists incarcerated in 1917 at the Occoquan Workhouse, Lorton, Virginia.

    Remember the Times. (60th Anniversary celebration publication quoting LWVFA Presidents from 1948 to 2008)

    Other LWVFA Informational Reports & studies - various years:

    Electing the President: What might have been --What could be? Revisit! Informational Report on the Electoral College

    Our Democracy, Our Airwaves Adobe Acrobat Portable Document (PDF:113KB/10 pages)

    Bio-Engineering of Agricultural Products: Feeding the World or Frankenfoods and Superweeds? Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF: 74KB/9pages)

    Immigration Studies:

    Immigration Part I: Facts and Issues Immigration Part II: Challenges Posed by Immigration to the Fairfax Area Diversity: Muslims in Fairfax An Informational Report Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF: 39.6KB/7pages)

    Energy Studies:

    The U.S. Energy Picture An Informational Report Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF: 124KB/8pages)

    Electricity Deregulation: Part I An Informational Report Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF: 119.3KB/7pages)

    Electricity Deregulation: Part II An Informational Report Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF: 119.3KB/7pages)

    Women's Studies

    Impact of Women in Public Office An Informational Report Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF: 66KB/8pages)

    An Update on Domestic Violence Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF: 66KB/8pages)

    Flow Chart: Remedies for Victims Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF: 33KB/1pages)

    Domestic Violence: Impacts on Immigrants and Refuges Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF: 12KB/1page)

    National Women's History Month Publications:

    Virginia Women's Legacies

    Development of National Women's History Month

    LWVUS Publications

    National League of Women Voters publications can be found on their website

    For LWVUS Positions, LWVUS Positions

    LWVNCA Publications

    LWV National Capital Area ~ Water Supply Task Force Report: Drinking Water Supply in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area: Prospects and Options for the 21st Century

    LWVNCA website

    LWV Virginia

    Find out more about the LWV Virginia's position in their publication, Positioned for Action.

    Wanda Wastewatcher - LWVFA EQ messages

    Monthly for over five years in our local league publication,The Bulletin, Wanda Wastewatcher's articles on the environment were a staple. With Wanda's wisdom and knowledge she entertained and educated us on how actions in our daily lives impact the global environment.

    Wanda has updated some selected articles which you can revisit.

    The Air You Breathe -- Part I

    The Air You Breathe -- Part II

    Food for Thought - Part I

    Food for Thought - Part II

    Your Lawn Can Recycle Itself

    Stormwater Runoff

    Commonwealth of Virginia Publications